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Tickets to the quarterfinal of EURO 2012 for sale, A ticket to the quarterfinal (Kiev, "NSC Olympic")
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Tickets for the quarter final of the football championship "UEFA EURO 2012"
You can buy a ticket to the quarterfinals, which will be held in Kiev at the stadium, "NSC Olympic"

Date: June 24, 2012 at 21:45 Kiev time.

On this page you can book and buy a ticket to the 1/4 final, which will be held on June 24, 2012 in Kiev at the football stadium "Olympic NSC" (Ukraine). You can also find here detailed and complete information about the possible teams which may participate in this contest.
This ticket is an official UEFA ticket for the quarterfinal match, which will take place in Kiev between the teams, winning the first place in group D and the team taking the 2nd place in Group C. We have only one ticket for the quarterfinals. So don't be late to buy a ticket to EURO 2012.

Characteristics of quarterfinal ticket EURO 2012:

The name of the tournament: "UEFA EURO 2012" ("UEFA EURO 2012: Ukraine - Poland")
Teams: "the team which takes the 1st place in the group "D" and the 2nd place in the Group "C";
Sport: football;
Location: The city of Kiev (Ukraine);
Stadium: "NSC Olympic";
Date of contest: June 24, 2012
Start Time: 21:45 (Kiev time);
Stage tournament: quarterfinals (quarter finals);
Seats: 2 category (group 2);
Ticket price: 3300 UAH. ($ 410 or 330 €) (it is possible to bargain);
Availability of tickets: is available. As stated on the page about the football championship EURO 2012: tickets will be sent to all the fans just before the tournament - a month before the championship.
Location for sale: We can send a ticket to any city in Ukraine. When buying, you can also meet personally with us and buy a ticket to the quarterfinals of Euro 2012 in Chernihiv or in Kyiv.
Warranty: we provide a guarantee with respect to integrity and honesty. You can buy tickets to any warranties that you want (official receipt, deposit, and so on). We are able to sell you a ticket to the quarter finals personally, hands by hands, if you wish; you can buy a ticket at our office or home.
More info: here you can order and buy only one ticket to the quarterfinals for the championship EURO 2012. Don't be late!
Features of the sale: If you are a citizen of another country and not a local - we can assist you in finding accommodation in the city of Chernigov, or in the city of Kyiv.

Guarantees when buying tickets

1) Personal meeting at which you can buy a ticket from hand to hand. Personal meeting in the city of Chernigov and Kiev.
2) You can buy ticket at any convenient place in city, at our office or home.
3) If you do not have the opportunity to meet us personally in the city of Kiev or Chernigov - tickets for the EURO 2012 tournament can be sent through any courier or postal service, in which it is possible to pay on delivery. Payment on delivery is a service for sending payment on delivery, in which prior to receiving a parcel and paying money, you can see the tickets in the premise, as well as their authenticity and originality.
4) If you wish, we can also sell tickets directly before the game (the quarter EURO 2012) – meeting at the football stadium, "NSC Olympic Stadium".

Below you will find information about all possible football teams which may participate in the game of the quarter final of Euro 2012 - in that match, for which you have possibility to buy a ticket on this page.

England and France

National teams in the group C:
A) Spain;
2) Italy;
3) Croatia;
4) Republic of Ireland;

National teams in group D:
1) England;
2) Ukraine;
3) France;
4) Sweden;

So tickets to 1/4 finals of EURO 2012 are intrigue, as the two teams that will take the second place in the group "C" and the first place in the group "D" are not known yet, since they have not still played in their groups.

Contact details for communication

Phone #1: +380-96-4884933 (you can call at any time before 21:00 on UTC +2);
Phone #2: +380987250043 (we recommend to call in the afternoon from 14:00);

To book or buy tickets for the EURO 2012 - you just need to contact us by the contact details that are presented above. When you purchase you will receive a number of guarantees in the sale. We can meet with you personally and listen to all your suggestions about buying tickets. We also can help you in finding accommodation where you will feel comfortable. Among us there is a professional translator who knows German and English languages. So you can communicate with us in the following languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English and German. Buying a ticket to the quarterfinals of the international tournament "UEFA EURO 2012" - you will receive an additional guarantee of honesty, comfort and good mood from attending this tournament.

You can also buy tickets for the EURO 2012 between England and Sweden on our site. The guarantees and conditions of purchasing are the same, with the only difference is that these tickets to a football match group D, and we know that these tickets to a game between Sweden and England and two tickets are sold together.
If you are interested in more information about the upcoming championship - you can find it in the details section of the UEFA EURO 2012. In this section there is the full information on the international soccer tournament, the European ("Euro 2012"), which will be held in Poland and Ukraine from 08.06.2012 to 02.07.2012.

This page in Russian: вы также сможете купить билеты на четвертьфинал ЕВРО 2012, прочитав эту же статью на русском.

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