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Tickets to the EURO 2012 for sale, The football match England – Sweden
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For sale 2 tickets to the UEFA EURO 2012 Championships
Here you can buy tickets for the football match England - Sweden

Date: June 15, 2012 at 19:00 Kyiv time.

On this page you will find complete information about tickets, which you can buy. Contact us using the contact details at the bottom of the page. Here you can buy two tickets for the EURO 2012 (there are only 4 tickets and we sell them together or separately).

Characteristics of tickets to the football match England - Sweden

The name of the championship: "UEFA EURO 2012" ("EURO 2012 Ukraine - Poland")
Teams: "England" and "Sweden";
Game: football;
Country: Ukraine;
City: Kiev ("Kyiv");
Stadium: NSC Olympic ("NSC Olimpiysky") in Kiev;
Date: June 15, 2012
Start Time: 19:00 (Kiev, Ukrainian time);
Football game: the group;
Category of seats: Group 2 and 3 (Category 2 and 3)
The price of a ticket of category #2: 2700 UAH ($ 335 or 270 €) (Possible to bargain);
The price of a ticket of category #3: 550 UAH ($ 65 or 55 €) (Possible to bargain);
The cost of two tickets of category #3: 1100 UAH ($ 130 or 110 €) (Possible to bargain);
Availability of tickets: is available only to Sweden - France and to quarterfinal - there will be matches in Kyiv. As mentioned in the article about the championship Euro 2012, tickets from UEFA will be sent directly before the championship (4 to 6 weeks before the championship).
Place of Sale: Any place of sale, you can also meet with us personally and buy them in Kiev or in Chernihiv ("Chernigov").
Guarantee: We guarantee honesty and integrity in selling, will be able to sell tickets with guarantees (liens, etc.), sell it personally from hand to hand. You can also buy them at our office or home.
Additional Information: You can buy one, two, three or four tickets together.
Features: If you are from another country, we can also help you to find an apartment in the city of Chernigov and Kiev.

Guarantees for sale

1) You will be able to meet with us personally and to buy tickets from hands to hands. You can buy tickets personally in Kiev and Chernigov;
2) You can buy tickets at our home or office.
3) According to your wish we can send two tickets for the EURO 2012 championships, through any email service that supports the payment upon receipt. You can pay for tickets in the post office in obtaining pre-checking of their presence in the premise and originality. These tickets will be protected by a special means of protection from the football organization "League."
4) If you wish, we can sell tickets directly before the game by meeting with you at the stadium, "NSC Olympic."

Below you will find information about football teams, which take part in the match, for which you are able to buy tickets.


Team of England

At the moment, England is one of the leader teams in the world football. England - a country which invented football and where it enjoys great popularity. Domestic league in England is considered one of the most powerful in Europe. Mainly, on the basis of domestic championship the national team of England has been formed. English fans belong to the strongest and most loyal football fans in the world.

Brief characteristics of the England football team:
Location: England (part of the country "United Kingdom");
Colours: white, red and blue (the colors of their flag and the Football Association);
Head coach: Stuart Pearce;
Home stadium: Wembley;
Current rating FIFA: 6th place;
Reducing the national team: "ENG";

Team of Sweden

Team of Sweden - a team which considered one of the most stable and strongest teams not only in the European football, but also around the world. This team is also one of the oldest teams among the Scandinavian countries. Team Sweden has been repeatedly defeated England in the World and European championships, as well as in the qualifying matches. Symbolically, but the team of Sweden received from the biggest loss in its history: 1:12 (this happened in 1908) from the team of England. The biggest achievement of the Swedish national team is World Cup 1958, where Sweden played with the Brazilian national team in the final and lost 5-2. In this championship team of Sweden won the silver and took the 2nd place.

Brief characteristics of the Swedish national football team:
Country: Sweden;
Colors: yellow and blue (the colors of their flag);
Head Coach: Lars Lagerbäck;
Home stadium: Rosunda;
Current rating FIFA: 17th place;
Reducing the national team: "SWE";


Contact information (for communication):
Phone number 1: +380-96-4884933 (you can call at any time before 21:00 on UTC +2)
Phone number 2: +380-98-7250043 (call after 14:00 on UTC +2);

Resuming all the above mentioned information, you can quickly and easily buy tickets for Euro 2012, by contacting us at the above contact information. When you buy tickets with us – we can help you in finding an apartment where you can feel comfortable, both before and after the football match. We have a professional translator in English and German languages. So we can deal both with Ukrainians and foreigners who are interested in the match England - Sweden. Buying the tickets to the most popular tournament in Europe: "UEFA EURO 2012" - you get a number of advantages and guarantees.

This article in Russian language: вы можете купить билеты на евро 2012: Швеция - Англия, прочитав на русском языке.

See also more details about the Euro 2012 championship, which is going to be held from June 8 to July 1, 2012 in Ukraine and Poland. If you wish to buy a ticket to the quarterfinals of Euro 2012 - you can do it by clicking on the link to this page.

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