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Chocolate (2009), 2nd on Illusion Pictures 2009 Movie Contest
сообщение 7.11.2009, 10:02
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Название: Chocolate
Автор: Bartlomiej 'Oui' Otlowski
Продолжительность: 00:04:56
Разрешение: 1280x720
Размер: 250 Mb
Краткое описание: от автора «I made this movie per one month. It was fun, worked with these crazy, forgotten maps and music which I want use since 2002. Haha, I know that is loooong time, but I have so many ideas and it's not possible to do everything and also many things I can't make because I don't know how. biggrin.gif Fortunetly I had help in one of my ideas and now you will can see orginal and insane transitions between actions. Climat of the movie is murky, like evil criminal. How I said in an interview, it's very synced so people who likes "Oui hardcorE is Over" for sure will love my new movie. I made this video at once in two styles - fast and slow. Thereby when you watch it you feel chilled but also excited by fast cuts. This is amaizing in my opinion»
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Музыка в мувике:
Ghost Ship - My Little Box
Akira Yamaoka - Theme Of Laura (Silent Hill 2 OST)

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сообщение 15.11.2009, 20:04
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Chocolate YouTube HD
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сообщение 15.11.2009, 20:15
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hany, thank you for youtube link cool.gif

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