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Adjustgame (2009), Dasskvast Production presents
сообщение 16.11.2009, 9:42
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Название: Adjustgame
Авторы видео: Julien 'BinouZ' Boirel (Dasskvast Production)
Игра как основа: Counter-Strike 1
Длительность: 00:08:34
Размеры экрана плеера: 640x410
Размер файла: 300 Mb
Описание: от автора «Adjustgame is a team of friends who got some good enough achievements, but never really went to the top, because of a lack of time, luck and talent. Nevertheless, this movie gather our best moves so far. Please be aware that the dem_forcehltv command and some laggy HLTV was sometimes the only way to get some awesome actions, and I sometimes had to do some weired cut during the moviemaking to keep it enjoyable. At last, the team is now on pause for many reasons. For our fans, a come back is not impossible, but being in Norway for the first semester, don't expect it before the beginning of 2010.»
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Песни в видеоролике:
Hocus Pocus - Quitte A T'aimer
Mogwai - Glasgow Mega-Snake
Serj Tankian - Empty Walls

Список скриншотов из мувика:
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